Farm to Table

The July 9, 2013, Green Convene Community meeting¬†featured Louisville’s Farm to Table coordinator, Sarah Fritschner. Sarah worked as a food writer for the Daytona Beach News Journal, the Florida Times-Union and the Washington Post before returning to her home town to serve as food editor for the Louisville Times and Courier-Journal. During her 24-year tenure in Louisville, she often featured local farmers and agricultural products, from country ham of Cadiz in the west to an apple orchard outside Hazard in the east.

Since 2009 she has served as the coordinator for Louisville Farm to Table, which was created that year to bring together area farmers and their locally-grown foods with Louisville consumers in their homes, schools, restaurants and workplaces, bolstering the local food economy. Louisville Farm to Table provides an economic benefit to local farmers by expanding their markets as well as meeting the rising consumer demand for local foods.