Stream Daylighting

“Bringing Two Cincinnati Streams back to the Surface after 100 Years of Burial: Saving $, Reducing Sewage Overflows, and Restoring Habitat by Stream Daylighting”

October 8, 2013 Green Convene Community Meeting

Our speaker, Robert J. Hawley, Ph.D., P.E., shared his experience as the principal stream designer and fluvial geomorphic expert on two stream daylighting projects in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The projects are a part of Cincinnati’s Green Approach to reducing combined sewer overflows (CSOs) in the historic Lick Run corridor. Combined with strategic stormwater separation upstream in the watershed, the projects will help to reduce sewage overflows by ~1 billion gallons annually and save Cincinnati an estimated $300M relative to the alternative ‘gray’ design. Beyond improving water quality and restoring habitat, the stream daylighting approach is a central element of Cincinnati’s “Communities of the Future” and other urban renewal efforts.