Louisville Sustainability Council

Our November 12, 2013 Community Meeting featured an update from Emily Chandler, Interim Executive Director of the Louisville Sustainability Council. Emily discussed the history of the LSC and plans for an upcoming Sustainability Summit to be held in partnership with Metro Louisville’s Office of Sustainability.

The LSC is a public private partnership that works to engage and collaborate with the community and facilitate the achievement of Louisville’s sustainability goals. A new independent 501c3 nonprofit, the LSC works collaboratively with Metro Louisville’s Office of Sustainability as a robust community engagement partner. The LSC Board of Directors represents the Bingham Fellows Class of 2010 and professionals from a cross-section of Louisville’s business, public and nonprofit community. The Green Convene is a founding member of the Louisville Sustainability Council and serves on its Board of Directors.

We would like to thank Supplies Over Seas (SOS) for hosting our November Community Meeting. After the meeting, SOS staff provided a tour of their operation to show attendees how the organization is able to divert 12,000 pounds of medical waste per month from landfills.