Order T-Shirts

Wear your Green-ness on your sleeve. Contact us at thegreenconvene@gmail.com to order a Green Convene T-shirt for pick-up at our next community meeting. Only $15 each!T-Shirts

The Fleur-de-Leaf
Available in white and black, short and long-sleeves. This T-Shirt sports The Green Convene of Louisville’s Logo on the back. And the front chest pocket reads two lines: ‘greenconvene.org / Louisville, KY’.

Live Green or DIE
Available in white and black, short and long-sleeves. The back of this T-shirt has a ‘Live Green or DIE’ serpent inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s ‘Live Free or DIE’ version. And the front chest pocket has The ‘Fleur-de-Leaf’ logo.

Both T-Shirts were designed by Aron Conaway are printed locally by Meme-Tech.com.